Jose del Palo

  • Titel: Cautivo I-III
  • Künstler: Jose del Palo
  • Werknummer: josedelpalo-89-1557481510
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    1.800,00 €
    inkl. 19% MwSt. (DE)zzgl. Versandkosten (DE): 120,00 € (versichert)
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Maße (HxBxT): 150,00 x 150,00 x 4,00 cm
Auflage: Unikat
Kategorie: Malerei
Material/Technik: Acryl auf Leinwand
Keilrahmen: ja
Jahr: 2012
Signatur: ja
Tags: performance, prisoner, series, blue, time, tryptich, captive
Besonderheiten: Selbstständiger Zusammenbau des Keilrahmens und Aufspannen der Leinwand sind erforderlich.
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Beschreibung zu ‘Cautivo I-III’:

They belong to a set of works in which I study performance and its pictorial representation. The human being enclosed in his daily life, his home and his work, like an animal without instinct that begins to develop pathologies of normalized and obsessive behavior. It evolves by losing the links of its natural and traditional origin to the development of a new way (awkward or virtuous) to which the new technological means obliges. The human being of the XXI Century is necessarily and with his own conscience and free in captivity. These images are moments frozen by photography and then taken to the canvas, of a long-lasting performace without the need for an end. They imply the sense of continuity and routine of daily ritual, very close conceptually to the experiences of Joseph Beuys and other performers who work on the idea of ​​resistance and sensory isolation. Through painting I want to turn the performer into a myth, the painting has that power to convert to being represented in an icon of the era it represents, just as literature has the power to turn it into a legend.

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